Sata Driver Acer Aspire M5600

Thursday, July 30, 2009 · 3 comments

Upon a time i would install windows XP to Acer Aspire M5600.. blue screen appear at my monitor.. i confused at the moment. and then i searching to google and i found, sata driver must be installs first. Where i can find sata driver? so i searching into search engine, google. finally i found sata driver would be convenient with acer aspire M5600. u can download sata driver here if u like...

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Download sata driver notebook compaq CQ40 337TU

Saturday, July 11, 2009 · 2 comments

I have once work through about sata driver notebook compaq CQ40 337TU click here. To Install windows XP on notebook compaq CQ40 337TU require Sata Driver. You can download Sata driver here, so installing prosess windows XP will be normal.

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How To Install Windows XP on Notebook Compaq CQ40 337TU


To Install Windows XP on Notebook Compaq CQ40 337TU require sata driver. Basically Notebook Compaq CQ40 337TU design to windows vista so if we install windows xp on the notebook, while process installation, blue screen will appear. You can download sata driver for windows XP on notebook compaq cq40 337TU Here, so prosess installation will be normal.

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Partitioning Notebook Toshiba

Friday, July 10, 2009 · 2 comments

To divide partisi on notebook toshiba with Windows Vista, I have once struck a snag severally last time. I try to use powerquest partition magic's program, apparently programs not it clears a root at vista's windows then I try on partisi windows Vista deliverance which is from control panel---> administrative tool---> computer management--> Disk management. but we can't divide partisi appropriate our the will. Since size prescriptive windows partisi that we wants. After tries a long moment, I found Paragon Partition Manager program. This program working at windows vista, but there is umpteen constraint, for notebook toshiba type new type that have hardisk upon 160gb, this program on the contrary doesn't recognize hardisk, alias declares for hardisk invalid.
  1. I reduce before measure hardisk at drive c divides it use control panel---> administrative tool---> computer management--> disk management. After successful hardisk split up becomes two partisi then followed by second stages.
  2. I open paragon parttion manager program, apparently hardisk can be recognized, stage easy become. We can divide partisi hardisk appropriate our wish

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Removing Administrator Password Windows XP


To remove password Windows XP can be used by software..

I have software, you can downloads here, file extract so emerging original file that gets to form ISO. Burn to CD using software like Nero. Boot up your computer with this sofware until show up menu. Choice menu reset administrator password

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